Today’s Gold Rate in Qatar

Today Gold rate in Qatar (QAR) on 31 march  2024 is


F(Qatari Riyal) for 10 grams of 24-Karat of the precious metal, while 1 Tola of 24-Karat Gold is being sold for 

QAR 3052.56

furthermore, the details of the Gold Rate in Qatar are given below, which includes the price of the yellow metal in 24-Karat and 22-Karat per Tola and 10 Grams

Other Carats Gold Rate in Qatar

The table below shows the breakdown of the Gold Rate in Qatar for different purity Gold spot prices.

Unit1 Gram1   Tola
6K Gold





10K Gold





















Previous Days Gold Rate in Qatar

The table below shows the previous day’s Gold price in Qatar including 24-carat and 22-carat Gold rates per tola.

Date22K Gold24K Gold
23 June 2023QAR 2,397.06QAR 2,611.17
22 June 2023QAR 2,429.96QAR 2,647.02
21 June 2023QAR 2,429.96QAR 2,647.02
20 June 2023QAR 2,454.28QAR 2,673.51
19 June 2023QAR 2,454.28QAR 2,673.51
18 June 2023QAR 2,455.68QAR 2,675.04
17 June 2023QAR 2,455.68QAR 2,675.04
16 June 2023QAR 2,459.42QAR 2,679.11
15 June 2023QAR 2,435.23QAR 2,644.54
14 June 2023QAR 2,459.24QAR 2,678.92
13 June 2023QAR 2,459.24QAR 2,678.92
12 June 2023QAR 2,458.21QAR 2,679.67
11 June 2023QAR 2,459.24QAR 2,678.92
10 June 2023QAR 2,459.24QAR 2,678.92
9 June 2023QAR 2,461.53QAR 2,681.41
8 June 2023QAR 2,454.58QAR 2,673.83
7 June 2023QAR 2,454.58QAR 2,673.83
6 June 2023QAR 2,440.76QAR 2,658.78
5 June 2023QAR 2,440.76QAR 2,658.78
4 June 2023QAR 2,443.42QAR 2,661.68
3 June 2023QAR 2,443.42QAR 2,661.68
2 June 2023QAR 2,479.41QAR 2,700.88
1 June 2023QAR 2,462.77QAR 2,682.75
31 May 2023QAR 2,436.07QAR 2,653.67
30 May 2023QAR 2,436.07QAR 2,653.67
29 May 2023QAR 2,444.36QAR 2,662.68
28 May 2023QAR 2,442.01QAR 2,660.15
27 May 2023QAR 2,442.01QAR 2,660.15
26 May 2023QAR 2,441.74QAR 2,659.85
25 May 2023QAR 2,456.07QAR 2,675.46
24 May 2023QAR 2,480.99QAR 2,702.60
23 May 2023QAR 2,471.12QAR 2,691.85

Gold History in Qatar

Gold is significant in Qatar and the Arab region due to its historical and cultural value. In ancient times, persian gulf, along with other parts of Arabia, served as a critical point for trade between Asia, Africa, and Europe. Gold was valued and used by civilizations in the region for mining, trading, and crafting. Its importance was heightened in the Arab region during the 7th century with the emergence of Islam and its significant role in Islamic culture and traditions. Gold is praised in Quran and embellishes Islamic places and pieces. Islamic gold jewelry depicts regional artistic culture. Qatar’s Gold souks have been vital for jewelry trade, and are lively centers for gold trading and cultural mingling. Popular markets offer fine jewelry and valuables. Pearls were important to Qatar before oil discovery. Pearl wealth sparked gold jewelry demand and intricate craftsmanship tailored to affluent tastes. As Middle East prospers, so does its gold industry. People still want gold jewelry and luxury goods, so sellers serve locals and tourists. Arab countries, including Gulf states, hold gold as foreign reserves. This diversifies risks and stabilizes economies, while serving as an investment and economic hedge. Gold is a symbol of prosperity, status, and heritage in Qatar and the Arab region. It is commonly worn at important events. Gold jewelry embodies art traditions.

Why Daily Monitor Gold Rate in Qatar?

Gold is a reliable safe haven asset that offers diversification against inflation and uncertainty. Monitoring gold rates is necessary for informed decisions on buying or selling. High rates equal selling opportunities while low rates present buying opportunities. Gold offers stability in times of uncertainty, making it an attractive store of value due to its limited supply and historical reliability. Investors diversify portfolios with gold for reduced risk and volatility. Gold is bought as a safeguard against inflation, as it increases in value when currencies lose purchasing power. It maintains long-term purchasing power and protects wealth. Gold rates impact investor’s perception of economic uncertainties. Rising gold prices signal economic uncertainty, market instability, or geopolitical tension. Investors analyze these trends when trading gold. High gold rates encourage selling for profit. Low gold rates mean buying opportunities for investors who closely track gold prices. 

Importance of Gold

Gold in Qatar is culturally, socially, and symbolically significant. It is a rare and enduring asset that preserves purchasing power and acts as a hedge against inflation compared to fiat currencies. Investors pursue gold for stability and diversity in times of turbulence. It has industrial/luxury uses and a low correlation. Qatar associates gold with wealth and power due to cultural history and foreign exchange reserves. Gold is important in Qatari weddings and cultural events as a symbol of status, wealth, and prestige. Brides wear stunning gold jewelry sets. Gold jewelry symbolizes wealth and status, and is highly valued as an investment in Qatar. Qatar invests in gold to diversify and preserve wealth. It has a strong gold market that contributes to the economy. Qatar’s gold jewelry market thrives, serving locals and tourists while boosting the economy and employment. Qatar’s skilled goldsmiths create intricate designs that showcase their heritage. Preserving traditional techniques is key to maintaining cultural identity. Qatar has gold reserves in its central bank, which stabilizes its economy and strengthens its finances by diversifying and storing value for its currency reserves. Tourism in Qatar is boosted by its gold market, attracting visitors to purchase luxury souvenirs. This benefits the local economy.